Ничего не куплено!

This is not a simple and straightforward choice

According to a survey conducted in 2004 by Public Opinion Foundation, a television company in Russia, 20 percent of women (mainly single mothers) consider themselves to be "self-sufficient". Yet, at the same time, 20 percent of respondents stated that they would be ready to become a single mother, just if their partner was ready to take part in the raising of the child. In Russia, the term single Happy Mother's Day to a woman with children who lives alone, without any social support, as it is often the case in large cities. After the divorce of parents, a woman loses her support system, as her parents are gone, or so that their children are now grown-ups and living their own lives. And it is not as simple as it seems. There are women who are abandoned by their relatives. In addition, some unmarried women are considered to be "promiscuous", their partners become angry. In such cases, children become the reason for the conflict and the kids can get hurt. It happens a lot. It is necessary to take note of the fact that the standard of living of the majority of women in Russia depends mainly on their profession. According to the information on the 2015 data on average incomes of Russian households, 43 percent of households belong to the group with incomes in the range of 100,000 to 500,000 rubles. Most of the remaining income is spent on personal expenses. It is one of the factors of financial independence, a result of women's active participation in the labor market. Before 1991, women with less than secondary education worked mainly in agriculture, whereas men held managerial posts. In recent years, the situation changed. Men have become less inclined to work, and women have expanded their activities. The demand for workers increased, the total workforce increased, the authorities have established new jobs for women and new positions for women. This, in turn, boosted the average salary, and at the same time, led to an increase in the share of the workforce paid with wages. In most cases, women are far more interested in work than their husbands. So, they work and earn money. This is important for the stability of the family. Women Who Become Single Mothers One in five women who give birth in Russia have a child with a partner, but not a husband. The share is even higher among women with children. Some families turn into single-parent families because of a death of the father. Others take the path of single motherhood after a scandalous divorce. In most cases, children come to live with their mother after the divorce of parents. According to official statistics, women and girls are less likely to give birth without a partner than men and boys. But this does not necessarily mean that women are less happy than their partners. Women usually have more happiness in life than men, even if they are single mothers.